DELL KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard  (Black)

DELL KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard (Black)

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Give a boost to your productivity in front of your personal computer with the Dell KM117 Wireless Laptop Keyboard and Mouse combo. Go wireless and clutter-free with this computer accessory combo that you can connect to your PC by plugging-in the 2.4GHz RF nano dongle into a USB port.
Designed to Enhance Productivity
This is a full-sized keyboard with chiclet keys, and it features a 3-section layout along with multimedia and hot keys. Using the optical mouse that navigates easily, accomplish various tasks daily.
Sleek and Compact
This keyboard and mouse combo is sleek and compact that you can easily integrate into your desktop setup.
Long Battery Life
The battery life of both the keyboard and mouse is up to 12 months. Also, these accessories have low-battery life indicators to let you know when to change the batteries.